1. Finally scanned. Colored clean sketches of Emyra.

    Tools used: Canson 180 sketchbook, Tombow markers and Copic Multiliners brown and purple.

  2. Gift for Doria-Plume

  3. Some of my pieces shown at “Casa de la Cultura de Mexicali”. Yesterday was it’s inauguration and it’s going to be until May 10.  

    I’m not the only artist there. There are around 150 artists and not only from Mexico.

    They’re small, 5 x 5 inches each.

    Art show facebook: 


    (Source: nova-etoile)

  5. Whispers secrets of a mermaid.

    My character Pesha.

  6. Dirty little creature who is selfish and wants his heart only for her.

  7. Time for another update!

    This time is Snow White for Rockabilly Artbook.

  8. New Year Wish

    DeviantArt Sketch Tumblr 

  9. One of my commissions from summer of this year. Ecom commissioned me for their next summer event in 2014. It’s an anime convention.

  10. Kiss, kiss.